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25.05.2014 | News

We believe majority of issues raising before, during and after tennancy arrise due to lack of understanding of processes and procedures relating to the tenancy itlself. Hence we put together most frequent questions renters might not be aware of. Please understand that some of the answers are applicable to most buildings but not all.   

  • What are the necessary paperwork I will need in order to rent an apartment? 

A copy of a photo ID, letter of employment with salary verification, recent bank statement, your address in the UK within last 3 years. These documents will be submitted to an independent reference checking company which then will be able to assess. If you don't have track record of income and residency in the UK within 3 years, you will unlikely pass the referencing and will be asked to pay for 6 months upfront.

  • What is included in the rent?

This depends on the building and sometime heating and/or water can be included in the rent. However usually all utilities i.e. electricity, gas, TV license, telephone line are not included in the rent.

  • What are the tenancy terms?

Domovoi Management deals with long term tenancies only. You can negotiate 1 to 3 years tenancy with 6 or 12 months break clause. Therefore the minimum period of tenancy will be 6 months. 

  •  Once I applied for an apartment, how long would it take until final approval?

It varies between few hours and few days. If all the necessary paperwork is in, approval is expected much quicker.

  •  Once I am approved for the apartment, when is the tenancy agreement signing?

Tenancy agreement will be sent to you by email within approximately 24 hours of application approval, regardless of the commencement of the lease. You will have to initiate every page of the tenancy and sign on the last page. Your signature should be witnessed by an adult who is not your relative.  

  • What exactly do I need to do after signing the agreement? 

You will be required to send a scanned copy of the agreement to your manager and to post the original to our office. You will be provided a statement showing the first month's rent and one month security deposit which should be settled in the form of a bank transfer only.

  • Is the security deposit refundable?

Yes, upon the conditions of the tenancy agreement, the security deposit is refundable at the end of your lease term less any damages except normal wear and tear. Damages (if any) will be confirmed following the check out report and their cost will be agreed with you.

  •  Can I paint the walls?

Yes, however they must be restored to the original color before you vacate. If you decide to leave the walls painted you will be charged to . 

  •  Can I sublet my apartment?

Sublets are usually restricted by terms of the Assured Standard Tenancy agreement.

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